Therapeutic Choice


Private sessions are by appointment only. They are all taught by Celia Hirsch, and they are one hour long. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

The hour that we spend together is entirely about you. I begin every session by asking, “How do you feel?” It’s our home base and starting point. Working privately provides an unparalleled opportunity for me to spot the patterns, misalignments and obstructions that could be standing in the way of your personal fulfillment. Injuries, both past and present, and medical conditions are given full respect and consideration. When appropriate we will either work with or around the affliction so that you are not sidelined from your every day life.

I have found that there are several misconceptions about yoga that when demystified, people’s lives change and improve:
PAIN is often misunderstood to mean there’s something wrong, when it can be a signal that your body just needs your attention.
TIGHTNESS has a negative connotation and implies constriction, when it can be viewed as an edge, which we can move beyond.
STRESS is an inherent part of life that needs to be welcomed and managed, not ignored.
FEAR can stand in the way of our dreams. Rather than running away from it, we get to know it.

Success to me is the moment a student’s eyes light up, and with a full breath they declare, “I just got it!”

Please email or call to book your session or to learn more information.
Recorded Classes are below to view at your leisure. Please enjoy!

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