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I have taken classes for ten years at SPACE and each experience has been special. As a longtime student of Celia’s I have found her to provide a safe and caring place to explore the wonders that make up each student. She strives to awaken each of us to the universal truths of a yoga practice....particularly as we age. Her classes are an integral part of my life.
JF of Mount Kisco
As a longtime yoga student, I've had the gift of watching Celia evolve as a teacher marked by a generosity of spirit. Among the things I love most about her is her continued exploration and understanding of yoga in all its nuance, which she integrates beautifully into her own practice and her teaching.
DB of Katonah
Celia deeply understands the body and how to help you work past your individual issues and develop your yoga practice. SPACE Yoga is a wonderful studio…..
JD of Armonk
I was in search of my breath and the space inside my body. Pilates and daily walks were strengthening, but I felt that I was missing an inner peace, which I felt yoga might help provide. I love the way my body feels; I have discovered my spaces, my breath and inner calm. My posture has improved, I feel stronger, centered, more graceful, and more empowered.
ER of Chappaqua
Under Celia’s expert guidance I learned how yoga could contribute to my physical and mental well being. Now, after ten years, I am amazed to discover I can still develop strength, flexibility and balance. I will never give up my yoga practice at SPACE.
PB of Katonah
Celia helped me get my mojo back after fighting a life long battle with scoliosis. I exercised my whole life but overtime, my back pain intensified until I could barely walk! A total stranger told me to try yoga in a one on one format with a trainer and the rest is history. Celia has worked with me tirelessly (for almost nine years now) to lessen my back pain to practically zero. I owe her more than I could ever repay her!!
CS of Bedford
When I first went to Celia, my sciatica was so painful, I could barely walk a city block. My body was heavy and thick. Oh, and I had plantar fasciitis! In short order, the sciatica was under control, the planter fasciitis disappeared, the body lengthened and thinned and I now walk 6 miles a day, pain free. Life-changing would be an understatement. I owe my happy, grateful body to the genius of Celia.
MM of Katonah
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