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I walked into my first yoga class twenty-six years ago when I was looking for something more than exercise. I found a local center and I threw myself into yoga. My body began to feel better, I had an outlet for my churning emotions, and I could manage my stress. My mind soaked up the teachings. I knew right away that yoga was endless.

For three years I was a dedicated and passionate student, and then I was asked to substitute for one of the teachers at the studio. I have been a teacher and a student ever since.

Ten years ago I branched out and founded my own studio, SPACE Yoga. I strive to teach in a way that everyone can understand. I use clear language, anatomy and common sense to unleash both physical and mental potential. Harnessing the body’s natural functions, and employing internal actions makes the impossible attainable.

At seventy-two years old, without yoga and meditation, my aging process could’ve been frightening and unsettling. Instead, I have tools that are helping me age consciously and with gratitude. It has become a significant part of my teaching because my students, who range in age from forty to eighty, are hungry for guidance.

I’m so humbled that I get to share with others what gives my life meaning. To witness my students grow, and their lives become more harmonious, has confirmed that this is my life’s purpose.

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